This year we're going to do it differently! This year the ISP Kart Competition exists of 3 pre-stages and a Grand Final :
15th of May: ISP
5th of June: Hosting
19th of June: Everybody else
3 times 40 people 
 18u00 Welcome with Sandwiches
 18u50 Put on race-outfits & briefing 
 19u15 Warm Up 5’ 
 19u40 Qualifying 8’ 
 20u15 Start grid positioning
 20u30 D-Finale with F1-start 10’ 
 20u45 C-Finale with F1-start 10’ 
 21u00 B-Finale with F1-start 10’ 
 21u15 A-Finale with F1-start 10’ 
 21u30 Flying Finish followed by festivities
 21u45 Reception with a drink and a bite
Grand Final 
20th of September: Grand Final
1 time 12 teams of 5 pilots
 15u00 Welcome & pilot registration
 15u30 Briefing 
 Team announcements
 16u00 Warm Up & Qualifying 
 16u20 Start grid positioning
 16u30 2 Hour Endurance Racewith F1-start 
 18u30 Flying Finish followed by festivities
 19u00 BBQ