Operations Newsflash: QFX5100 FPGA Firmware upgrade advisory

QFX5100 FPGA Firmware upgrade advisoryFirmware upgrade advisory

On a QFX5100-24Q or QFX5100-48S switch with Routing Engine FPGA version 7.1, JUNOS software might not successfully boot after a system power down event. In the case of a system boot failure, you will need to power cycle the switch to recover.
QFX5100 Routing Engine FPGA firmware 7.1 is vulnerable to a boot stuck issue upon any power shutdown. With the 7.1 FPGA firmware version, the CPU and PCIe initialization may not complete. This is an unpredictable and rare race condition that may happen during power up scenarios. FPGA version 7.4 resolves this issue.
The trigger is un-deterministic and is seen in less than one in a hundred cold boots in lab testing with 7.1 FPGA firmware versions. There is no workaround for this issue. In case of a system reboot failure, you need to power cycle the switch.
Current shipping QFX5100s will have the with newer FPGA versions. Previously shipped systems that have Routing Engine FPGA version 7.1 should be upgraded to the 7.4 FPGA version in a maintenance window. 
If you have a QFX5100-24Q or QFX5100-48S, please check the firmware version with following procedure.


Execute below CLI commands to check FPC 0. 
root> show chassis environment fpc 0 fpga | grep _ver 
MRE_LPCM_PCIE_VER_MAJ 0x07 <<< Major version is 7
MRE_LPCM_PCIE_VER_MIN 0x01 <<< Minor version is 1
Please use appropriate FPC number if the QFX5100 is used in Virtual Chassis or Virtual Chassis Fabric setup.
In case your FPGA version is 7.1, please open a support ticket with Infradata by sending an email to support@infradata.nl with a “request support information” attached and refer to PR926940.