QFX Series | Juniper Networks

The foundation of Juniper Networks QFabric family of products is the QFX Series—a revolutionary approach that delivers quantum leap improvements in data center performance, operating costs, and business agility, for enterprises, high-performance computing systems and large-scale cloud providers. The QFX Series implements a single-tier network in the data center, enabling exponential improvements in speed, scale and efficiency by removing legacy barriers and improving business agility. The Juniper Networks QFX Series exist of the QFX3000 QFabric Switch and the QFX3500 Switch.

The Juniper Networks QFX Series exist of the QFX3600QFX5100QFX5200 and QFX10000 Switch


Juniper QFX Switches

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QFX Qfabric brings you:

  • More performance
  • Less operational costs
  • Improved flexibility
  • Better scalability
  • More efficiency

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