F5 Networks
VIPRION Load Balancer

VIPRION Load Balancer

The F5 Networks ADC Viprion Chassis is the first modular application delivery controller (ADC)- chassis in an appliance footprint. With the F5 ScaleN technology users can scale and consolidate application services both virtually as physically. Passive standby appliances are no longer necessary due to the clustering of appliances in an all-active mode which brings extra savings to users. 

Customers can easily add capacity if the business demands it, without user disconnection. You only pay for what you use. 

For making optimal use of the present appliances, F5 has developed ScaleN in 2011 which clusters appliance resources in an all-active configuration. With this virtual clustered multi-processor technology the Viprion chassis is multi-tenant solution with the highest density in its class. Application services and not fully covered ADC’s are therefore consolidated efficiently. More over integrates the new chassis well in software defined application services of the business, making them available from the datacenter to the cloud. 

Viprion operates closely with other F5 solutions like IRules for advanced programmability, iApps for seamless application delivery and iHealth for diagnostics, monitoring and analysis. The chassis offers application delivery possibilities for organizations with high traffic mission critical web applications, including 160 G of L7 throughput and four million L7 requests per second, 72 Gbps of ssl bulk crypto throughput, 80 Gbps hardware compression, hardware DDoS protection again more than fifty attachs and to fourty high performance BIG-IP guests (and to 1280 instances in a 32 device cluster).

The F5 VIPRION product range exists of the F5 VIPRION 2200 Series, F5 VIPRION 2400 Series, F5 VIPRION 4480 Series and the F5 VIPRION 4800 Series.  

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Download the F5 VIPRION Datasheet here

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