Infoblox Trinzic DDI / DNS DHCP & IPAM Services

Infoblox Trinzic DDI / DNS DHCP & IPAM Services

The Infoblox Trinzic DDI Network Services and Management family of products enable companies to manage, control, and optimize DNS, DHCP, IPAM and other services. The product family leverages existing investments, paves the way to the cloud, and ensures network services uptime.

Infoblox DDI appliance models scale from the branch to the central office and deliver coverage from network core to network edge. They support DNS, DHCP, DNSSEC, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, HTTPS, and NTP, and can be virtualized on VMware, Microsoft, Cisco, and Riverbed.

Infoblox appliances are purpose-built, high-performance hardware devices that form the foundation of an organization's network services and reporting solutions. All models can be deployed individually or in high-availability pairs (HA) / distributed architecture, leveraging Infoblox’s Grid architecture for optimal service resiliency.

Infoblox DDI is built from the ground up for security. Multilayered defenses combat hacking, malware, attempts to corrupt DNS, and DDoS attacks.

Download the Infoblox Trinzic Whitepaper here

Infradata is proud to be named as a Partner by Infoblox. With the Partner Status for Infoblox, Infradata is capable of providing you with the best possible conditions and service on your Infoblox solutions. Through investing in staff with a broad knowledge and experience in IP address management and DNS/DHCP services you can be assured of selecting the right Infoblox Partner with Infradata.

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