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Juniper Networks | J Series

Juniper Networks | J Series

Announced by Juniper as End of Life (EOL)

J-Series is a series of modular routers for enterprises running desktops, servers, VoIP, CRM / ERP / SCM applications. The J Series routers are typically deployed at remote offices or branch locations. These Services routers include the J2320 and J2350 for smaller offices, the J4350 for medium-size branches, and the J6350 for large branches or regional offices.

The J-series routers run on Juniper's network operating system, JUNOS. These routers have 4 on-board GigE ports and expandable WAN and LAN interfaces via pluggable modules. They have a wide range of interfaces supporting Serial, T1/E1, FE, DS3/E3, ISDN, ADSL2/2+, G.SHDSL and Gigabit Ethernet and a wide array of Layer 2 access protocols including Frame Relay, Ethernet and PPP/HDLC. Other features includes Network Address Translation (NAT), and J-Flow accounting and advanced services such as IPv6, MPLS, Stateful firewall, Quality of Service, multicast, VPN, security services and IPSec.

The J-Series routers has some of the most advanced set of security features to protect from outside threats. Even while under attacks the J-Series routers gives staff complete control through the console port, allowing users to constantly add new filters and policies.

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