BFX Product Suite

BFX: Signaling innovation on the road to 5G

BroadForward’s BFX is the world’s first productised solution for any-to-any interworking, routing and service orchestration, designed to enable signalling use cases across Network and IT systems from any vendor – without the need for scripting. BFX features a rich set of interworking and routing functions ‘out-of-the-box’ for a wide range of protocols, such as Diameter, ENUM, RADIUS, HTTP, SOAP, LDAP and SS7.

BFX unique design enablers it to handle signalling within the new 5G NextGen Core, and support operators in the transformation from legacy to 5G. BFX reduces vendor dependencies and overcomes multi-vendor, multi-technology signalling integration challenges.

BFX is in use with a fast growing customers base of MNOs, MVNOs, Enterprises, and IPX providers:
•    Diameter Signaling Controller (DSC: DRA, DEA, IWF)
•    Diameter mediation, optimizing Diameter interoperability
•    Protocol interworking
•    3G-4G roaming, MAP-Diameter IWF, Diameter frontend for HLR
•    Wi-Fi/Fixed integration, RADIUS-Diameter-SS7 interworking
•    IPX, LTE roaming, DEA
•    MVNO/MVNE innovation
•    VoLTE and VoWi-Fi, PCRF binding
•    Subscriber Location Function (SLF), database interaction
•    Roaming steering
•    M2M signaling gateway
•    NFV/SDN, vDSC for vEPC and vIMS
•    Number portability gateway and Number Portability database function (‘ENUM Server’)

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