BFX Product Suite

BFX Product Suite

The BroadForward BFX Interface Gateway is the world’s first productised solution for any-to-any interworking, routing and service orchestration, designed for enabling signalling use cases across Network and IT systems from any vendor. This unique solution has been nominated by the GSMA in the category Best Mobile Technology in 2014.

The BFX Interface Gateway enables advanced connectivity and integration for systems in and between Mobile (3G, LTE, IMS) and Fixed (DSL, Wi-Fi) domains, straight out-of-the-box. BFX features a rich set of interworking and routing functions for a wide range of protocols, such as Diameter, RADIUS, HTTP, SOAP, LDAP and SS7. The state-of-art GUI based service orchestration environment allows for intuitive service creation.

BFX helps operators spending their time, budget and expertise on innovation rather than on integration. With BFX, operators have a powerful, productised capability in their network to structurally:

  • Enable mediation and routing across signalling protocols and variants 
  • Achieve faster time-to-market for complex use cases
  • Resolve signalling interoperability issues without software development
  • Maximise interoperability across products of (often competing) vendors
  • Enable interworking between Diameter and non-Diameter interfaces

With better control over complex integration projects, the BFX Interface Gateway is the smartest choice for operators to get new broadband services off the ground faster and cheaper than any one-off IT project or product CR could ever achieve.

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