Diameter Signaling Controller for IPX

Diameter Signaling Controller for IPX

Diameter Signaling Controller for IPX in Diameter Signaling Control (DSC)

What is the challenge?

In the current fast changing IT landscape, Infradata detects a rising demand for Next Generation multi-purpose Diameter Signaling Controllers (DSC’s). Although the first generation DSC’s served their single-purpose (e.g. diameter routing using peer-to-peer Diameter Message Exchangine), users nowadays demand innovative contemporary features and multi-purpose functionality, including Internetworking Packet eXchange (IPX). This pushes single-purpose DSC’s more and more into the legacy corner.

First Generation DSC’s are single-purpose Diameter Routers. They are not designed for Next Generation network services as IPX. Below an overview of their shortcomings as they are not able to support or handle the following contemporary requirements:

  • Multi-protocol situations: First Generation DSC’s cannot support IT-, Legacy routing- and Mediation scenarios in addition to Diameter Routing.
  • Mediation:  Most current IT solutions require very complex scripting and coding. First generation DSC’s are not equipped for these requirements because they are often limited in AVP Manipulation functionality.
  • Service orchestration: First Generation DSC’s do not have GUI based systems that can perform any-to-any routing and interworking without scripting.
  • NFV/SDN: most First Generation Diameter routers are not a Software-only solution, and are tied to certain hardware brands and a fitting Hypervisor, such as F5 with IBM, and Oracle with OVM etc.
  • Operations, Administration, Management (OAM): First Generation DSC’s are harder to manage because each separate node needs his own configuration and manipulation, routing, etc. This type of DSC needs to be configured for each node in each continent. This means tons of additional manual work that can be avoided with state of the art technology.
  • Pricing: in the old pricing model for single DSC’s, most competitors performed pricing per node making it expensive and unpredictable.

What is the solution of Infradata?

Infradata can deliver multi-purpose DSC solutions fit for Next Generation Networks, with several competitive edges, like the Broadforward BFX Interface Gateway:  


Internetworking packet eXchange Interworking

Image: Internetworking packet eXchange (IPX) Interworking

• Extensive mediation capabilities and vendor interoperability: enabling providers to quickly set up new connections with operators and other IPX providers, allowing to work with different Diameter products and brands, and smoothly solving Diameter incompatibilities.
• GUI based connection management & service orchestration environment, no vendor dependency and no need for R&D or scripting to set up new connections and launch new IPX services.
• IPX service innovation, based on service logic capabilities that work across Diameter, RADIUS, SS7 and various IT protocols.
• Detailed traffic insight: unrestricted access to the payload of all messages, providing information that is vital to offer IPX/Diameter services, including intelligent routing, billing, traffic analysis, SLA statistics, KPI reporting etc., through a fully configurable reporting capability.
• On-board MAP-Diameter interworking: fully productized (3GPP TS29.305 compliant) on-board function enabling 3G-4G roaming scenarios (including 3GPP pre-release 8 support).

IPX Next generation Interworking

Image: Next Generation DSC Interworking Function

• Low CAPEX & OPEX: Infradata can serve customers with a single integrated platform for DRA, DEA and IWF, running on off-the-shelf servers or in a virtualized / hosted model.  IPX networks can be managed by accessing one single GUI. This enables routing, manipulation and configuration on all active nodes and future nodes. This saves a lot of manual labor and therefore valuable time.
• Network-wide capacity license: one global throughput capacity license across all locations and (virtual) machines (so no ‘per-box pricing’) and across all Diameter applications (S6a, S9, Gy etc.) and variants.

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