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Network Behaviour Analysis


Network Behaviour Analysis (NBA) is used to increase the visability of the network and to protect the network against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, botnets, worms and other attacks. NBA offers insight in traffic to and from IP addresses what results in a thorough visability in network-, application- and routing traffic, real-time detection and prevention and provides you with a report of abnormalities about the network, all from one platform. As a result security threats like DDos attacks, botnets and worms, and network problems like traffic- and routing instability can be limited to a minimum.

Infradata has years of experience and a great amount of expertise in integrating SSL VPN solutions in big and complex networks. With the highest partner statusses with Juniper Networks, Infradata is able to offer you the best conditions to create a highly efficient solution for your network.

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