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1. Why should I use SDN architecture ?

The most common problem that affects SDN virtualization of servers in large data center environments . SDN enables automatic management of virtual networks possible and ensures that network services can be quickly and easily implemented . The virtual machines can be operated quickly with each component in a network environment . Transparency taken in terms of visibility on the network so far, while the operating costs are drastically reduced.

2. Do I need specialized switches SDN ?

No! Some service providers to develop strategies that SDN OpenFlow controllers must communicate with OpenFlow switches operate. However, there are also suppliers that use virtual switches in combination with the network for pads SDN. They are in no way dependent contollers SDN.

3. His SDN and network virtualization feature ( NFV ) are the same ?

No. NFV offers IT managers the ability to consolidate multiple physical network with each divided into several network segments or software -only to create networks among virtual machines. The purpose of virtualization is to improve the automation and network management . Software Defined to the network, is to separate the control plane and the data plane within the network relative to each other, in order to simplify the network in its entirety limited. SDN used to improve the management capabilities of the central controller. 

In short , the concept of SDN and NFV are similarities and there is a possibility that it is a substitute for the other , but generally speaking, there are other approaches . 

4. Do I need special drivers for SDN ? 

No, there are many approaches to SDN architecture , but focuses on the central drivers of other software. In the community requires specialized OpenFlow controller . This includes entities , such as Big Switch , IBM and NEC . On the other hand, support the architecture of Cisco and Juniper but OpenFlow SDN controller is not required. Both suppliers SDN embed intelligence into their Ethernet switches and network management software .

5. I'm using an open protocol flow application SDN ? 

OpenFlow protocol is not necessary for the application of SDN . Providers SDN eventually support many different methods of preparation as possible SDN . However, the Open Network Foundation ( ONF ) has made tremendous progress with the OpenFlow standard . We ONF also recommend use OpenFlow as a basis for implementatiaties Sdn . 

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