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Arbor Networks | Peakflow SP Serie

Arbor Networks | Peakflow SP Serie

Designed for service providers and large enterprises, Peakflow SP is the industry's solution-of-choice for ensuring network visibility and availability. Peakflow SP is used for:

  • Pervasive, cost-effective visibility into routing, IP flow and application-layer data to detect network anomalies, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency.
  • Infrastructure security by proactively monitoring, detecting and surgically mitigating (using Peakflow SP TMS ) network-wide anomalies caused by DDoS attacks and other threats.
  • Service protection to secure business-critical services and gain deeper visibility into DNS, HTTP and SIP traffic.
  • Managed services enabler to increase profitability with new revenue-generating, in-cloud managed services like DDoS protection.

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